Frequently Asked Questions


Can my YouTube account get suspended for using your “Shares” service?

No! This service is safe to use. Your videos can be shared which has nothing to do with your account itself. There is no risk of getting your account suspended by using our service. For more information, please check our Terms of Service.

Who can use this service?

Everyone who wants to promote a YouTube video can use this service. It doesn’t matter what kind of YouTube video (music, review, gameplay etc). We can share all kinds of videos to targeted people!

What should I do if I run into a problem with this service?

Feel free to contact us using the Contact Form or visiting the Live Chat. We’ll try to find a suitable solution for your problem as soon as possible.

YouTube Views

Does (for example) 10,000 views (bought from this website) mean 10,000 YouTube video views?

Yes. We usually even over-deliver. This means you will probably receive some more views than purchased.

I bought views but the view count on YouTube didn’t increase?

It can take up to 72 hours for YouTube to update their view count. Please be patient and check the view count again within a couple of hours/days.

How many views will get me homepaged you YouTube?

That differs per day. We recommend you to check out YouTube Charts to see what videos are in the most viewed category.
Keep in mind that your video will only show up in YouTube charts if it gets a lot of views/likes/favorites within the first 2 or 3 days after upload.

YouTube Shares

How long does it take to see an increase in views after I purchased a ‘shares’ package?

Some people watch your video immediately. You will probably see an increase of comments. However, YouTube only updates the video view count about twice a day. Also, not everyone is online everytime. So even weeks/months after you bought a package from this service, you might still see an increase in views/comments/subscribers.

How can I check if my video has been shared to the correct amount of people?

After the sharing has been completed you can see the results on the YouTube Video Insight Statistics. Keep into account that it takes about 2 days for YouTube to update these statistics. For a tutorial on how YouTube insight statistics work, go here.

Do (for example) 5,000 shares mean 5,000 YouTube video views?

No, not at all. Your video will be shared to 5000 people. We cannot guarantee how many views you will receive as a result of this. It depends on a lot of things.

YouTube Likes, Favorites & Subscribers

Why should I buy YouTube Likes and/or Favorites?

Firstly, both likes and favorites have a positive influence on ranking high in YouTube’s search engine. Secondly, most people prefer watching a video that has a lot of ‘likes’ instead of a video that has only a few likes.

Are the subscribers real?

The subscribers we deliver are real; in a lot of cases also real people behind it. Experience tells us though that most subscribers will not always watch your videos.

Then why should I buy subscribers?

If you want to look cool having lots of subscribers.