Share YouTube Videos - Help

  • Video Tutorial

  • Installation

    1. Firstly, download the setup of the program if you haven’t already: Click here.

    2. After you’ve downloaded the file, open it.
    There should be a file inside named: “Setup – Share YouTube Videos.exe”. Open it.

    3. An installer should appear (see screenshot below).

    4. Install the program.
    If you have no idea how an installer works we recommend that you keep clicking “next”.

    5. Opening the program.
    Once the installation is completed you can use the program. Open the program by double-clicking its icon:

    You’re now ready to go to the next step in this guide.

  • Signing Up

    Open “Share YouTube Videos” which you just downloaded. You will see the following window:

    If you’re new to this program you should create an account first. To do this, do the following:

    1. Press the Sign up button:

    The following window will appear:

    2. Fill in a username. Keep this in mind:
    – 18 characters limit
    – Letters & numbers only (so no special characters or spaces)
    – Please only use lowercase letters and/or digits.

    3. Fill in a password. Keep this in mind:
    – 18 characters limit
    – Special characters are allowed
    – Password is case-sensitive

    4. Fill in your password again.
    This is just to verify you typed it correctly.

    5. Fill in your E-mail address.
    Remember to use a valid E-mail address because you will receive a confirmation email to verify it.

    6. Press the Sign up button.
    If everything goes well an activation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. If not, follow the instructions inside the program. Remember to check the “Spam” or “Junk” folder of your E-Mail client!!

    7. E-Mail verification
    The E-mail you receive will look something like this (depending on which mail client you use):

    8. E-Mail verification
    Click the Unique verification link inside the e-mail. Usually this link is underlined and blue. If clicking it does not work try control+click or try to copy and paste it into your browser.

    9. Verification result
    If the verification is completed and successful you should see something like this:

    If you see this message this means your account is registered and ready for use!

  • Logging in

    1. Open ‘’Share Youtube Videos’’.
    You should see a screen that looks like this:

    2. Fill in the username and password you chose earlier.
    Optionally you can check the box at the left-hand side of ‘’Remember Me’’. This will make the program remember your username and password so you don’t have to fill in your details every time you launch the program.

    3. Click the ‘’Log In’’ button.
    The program should log you in and show a different screen. If so, continue to the next steps in this tutorial. If not, the program tells you what the error is in the ‘’Status’’ text.

  • Earning Credits

    You are now ready to earn credits! This process is completely free. But how to?

    1. How to start earning credits?
    Just simply by clicking the “Start” button inside the program:

    The program will now earn credits for you. If you have a fast internet connection you will earn credits pretty fast. Your computer is now basically sending request to YouTube. As a result of that, YouTube will count views to videos.

    Additional options:
    If you want to earn more and/or faster credits, you can choose to hook up your YouTube account to the software. The account will then be used to favorite and/or like other peoples YouTube Videos. There are delays etc inside the program to ensure the quality of your YouTube account. However, we cannot guarantee that nothing happens to the account. We’re not responsible if anything happens to the account and/or any of the videos submitted into the system. Therefore we recommend you use a secondary account in the software.

    How to add a YouTube Account to the software?
    You can add a YouTube account simply by clicking “Add a YouTube Account to earn more/faster credits!” inside the program:

    The program will now show a window that looks something like this:

    Fill in your YouTube Account details and click the “Submit YouTube Account” button.
    The program will then check if your YouTube account is valid. If it is, the window will close and the program will show the YouTube account username under the “Account” tab (right above the “Start” button).

  • Adding a Video

    Once you have saved up some credits you can add video(s) to the system. Keep in mind that you need credits to submit videos to the system.

    1. Go to the “Add Videos” tab.
    You can do that by clicking the following button inside the program:

    You will now see a screen that looks something like this:

    2. Add your video.
    Copy and paste the video URL you want to add. To get the video URL of a video simply go to the watch page of a video and copy the link that is displayed on top in the webbrowser. The link should look something like this:

    Now paste this link/URL in the textbox inside the program where it says “Video URL:”.

    3. Choose what you want.
    You now have various options to choose. Currently there are 3 services your video can receive:
    – Views
    – Favorites
    – Likes

    It will tell you how much credits a view/favorite/like costs. Make sure you have enough credits! Also, the software only allows a video 1 time per type. For example, you cannot add the same video multiple times for ‘likes’. You can try – nothing bad will happen – it will just tell you that this isn’t possible.

    Now will in how many views, favorites or likes you want (depending on what type you chose). You can fill in this number in the box where it says:
    “Views/Favorites/Likes to Assign:”

    Add the video to the system.
    Now click the big “Add Video” button:

    If the video is added successfully, it will say the following in the statusbar (bottom) of the program:

    You can now view the submitted videos in the “My Videos” tab.

  • My Videos

    Once you’ve added some videos they should be visible in the “My Videos” tab.

    1. Go to the “My Videos” tab.
    You can go there by clicking the following button:

    2. You now should see a panel like this:

    In the list it shows the video you have added to the system. The background color states the status the video is in:
    – An orange background color means the video is still in process and still in the system.
    – A green background color means the service to the video is completed (credits on it are empty).

    3. Assigning or withdrawing credits to or from a video.
    As you can see there are some buttons on above the list. There are 3 options:
    – “Assign Credits”
    – “Withdraw Credits”
    – “Remove Video”

    If you want more views/likes/favorites for a video, you can always assign more credits to a video. You can do that by selecting the video in the list and then clicking the “Assign Credits” button. Another possibility is to right click on the video in the list and choose for “Assign Credits”.
    The same goes for withdrawing credits. This is used to take away remaining credits on the video.

    Choosing for “Remove Video” will remove the video from our system (NOT from YouTube!). Any possible credits that were still on the video will automatically be refunded to your account.

    4. The video list.
    We will now zoom in on the video list:

    As you can see there are 6 columns:
    – “Video ID”
    – “Delivered”
    – “To Do”
    – “Video Title”
    – “Start Counter (YouTube)”
    – “Type”

    We will discuss each of these columns below.

    1. Video ID
    This is the YouTube ID of the video which is usually located at the end of a YouTube Video URL. This ID helps you identify the video because each video has its unique ID.

    2. Delivered
    This means how many views, favorites or likes (depending on the “Type”) are delivered to the video already. The speed of delivering depends on how many people use the software. The “Delivered” value can be different from the actual value on YouTube because of various technical reasons. Please do not contact us about this. If you submit views, you should keep into account that it usually takes YouTube 24-72 hours to update the video view count. So please be patient to see an increase in views. Likes and favorites are usually delivered instantly as soon as the “delivered” value goes up.

    3. “To Do”
    This column defines how many views, favorites or likes (depending on the “Type”) still have to be done to that video.

    4.”Video Title”
    It will show the title of the video in that row. This helps you identify the videos you’ve submitted.

    5. “Start Count (YouTube)”
    Once you add a video, the system registers the start counter of respectively the views, favorites or likes (depending on the “Type”). This can help you to see the increase/effect on the video since you’ve added the video to the program.
    For example: Imagine you add a video and choose for “type”: Likes. The system will then register the current count of Likes of the video on YouTube and put this into the column in the video list.

    6. “Type”
    This shows what is being delivered to a specific video. For example, if you added a video with “type”: Likes, it will say “Likes”. Remember that a video can only be in the system once per type. If you remove the video, you can of course add it again.

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