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To be totally honest, there is not much more I could ask for. I started out with one of the small packages, 5,000 shares I think, and worked my way up to the larger ones. After the first purchase I thought they wouldnt be able to cope with some of the large orders I purchased, however, they got it done in the same time as stated on the front page. Great service, will be back for more!

– John Dowan, YouTuber

This is by far the best youtube service I have come across, no faking. I’ve ordered pretty much everything from Share Youtube Videos -views, comments, likes, and subscribers. The comments and subscribers appear very genuine and there’s even an option for “customizing” the comments to make them appear exactly as you want. The likes and views have always been delivered effectively but realistically too. As a bonus, the sellers are incredibly effective with their communication. I love this service and will continue to come back to increase my youtube search optimization. Thanks SYV!

– Ewan Mccourtney, Music Manager

This is phenomenal and and so quick. I’m stoked… You have no idea how much you’re helping people around the world with this service. I’ll be ordering way bigger packages later, thanks so much…

– Joe Tran, Record Label Exec

At first I was sceptical about purchasing from this website, but when I ordered 10,000 shares I was amazed at how fast my views went up. My video got 12,738 in total, which is way more than I purchased! I am delighted with your services and will probably purchase in the future again.

– Raymond Martin, Gamer

Great company. I didnt order any of the basic packages, I contacted them and asked for premium services and they gave me some prices for 500,000 shares. My video got Most Viewed, and my sales on iTunes for my song went like crazy! Earned the money back that I payed them in no time. I can really recommend this!

– Paul Adamson, Musician

This site is very helpful and useful. I think all people should do it! It helps to get a lot of views. Everyone should visit this site of awesomeness!!

– Leannia Parris, Comedian